Old Baldy Aquaculture

Did you know that the Old Baldy Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina?  It was built back in 1817, and has been in the same location ever since. 

It was originally made of soft red bricks and covered in stucco.  After the lighthouse was deactivated in 1935, the stucco started falling in places.  Caring citizens came by and tried to fix it, adding new stucco.  The new stucco was colored differently than the original stucco from 1817, which has led to Old Baldy's trademark patchwork coloring of today.

In 1988, the lighthouse was relit, but it does not serve as an "official" navigational beacon today.

You can visit Old Baldy Lighthouse and take a tour of the area, including Keeper's Cottage (the Smith Island Museum of History), remnants of Fort Holmes from the Civil War, and of course climb Old Baldy Lighthouse itself.

Old Baldy Lighthouse

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Built in 1861, Fort Fisher was a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War.  In fact, it was the largest earthwork fortification in the world, and by 1864 was found to be the only port in the South still open for trade.  Providing protection for the port of Wilmington, it helped ship supplies to General Lee's army in Northern Virginia.  It is said that the capture of Fort Fisher in January 1865 helped lead to the ultimate loss of the Confederacy.

Fort Fisher was used as a firing range during World War II, and a bunker still remains there today.  In 1986, Fort Fisher was established as an official North Carolina State Park.

Visitors to the area can tour the Fort Fisher State Historic Site, spend an afternoon at the Fort Fisher Aquarium, or just enjoy the miles of beachfront suitable for hiking, picnicking, fishing, and swimming.

Fort Fisher

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